[Oberon] ETHO & OP2?

Duke Normandin dukeofperl at ml1.net
Sun Aug 8 15:42:49 MEST 2010

On Sun, 8 Aug 2010, Chris Glur wrote:

Hello Chris...

> Duke wrote:
> > Is anybody on this list still using Native Oberon and its OP2
> > compiler? I would be interested in getting it installed on my
> > system instead of A2 (or maybe on another partition even).
> I used native for years, and still have to access my old files from it.
> The multiple partitions, enforced some filing discipline: ca. 10
> partitions for the different 'classifications'.
> The last year/s I've used mostly
> ETH Oberon (2.4.3) for linux x86, [leo] because:

Are you referring to the version found here:


BTW, what do you mean by "leo"? or do you mean "lno"?


> BTW V4  [ETHO is S3] also runs on linux and its facilicility which I
> most appreciate, is that it automatically choses oberon or linux to
> load-display a file.

Is this yet another version for Linux?


> BTW I've booted ETH: N-O for years from fd0, to avoid
> the combination of problems from:
> = old BIOS doesn't like IDE > 32 GB,
> = M$-WIN wants to have first partition
> = multiple linux installations on various partitions

Yep! It may come to that for me as well. I'm waiting to hear from Sven
at ETH to get his thoughts on this very issue.

> and, it's worth noting that N-O's Partition.Tool
> is even superior to many linux tools, in many ways.

I like it as well! I used it from the A2 LiveCD

> IIRC I once had a PC which would not boot the N-O
> diskette. I think I suspected the display hardware.

I had the same thought! However, the install diskette boots no
problem! So if I could determine which video display setting _it_
uses, I'd set that for my NO configuration, and then go from there.

> Interestingly, leo crashed twice, the first day that I
> installed it, but now I would not know how to crash it.
> That's because your sub-concious tells you 'don't go there'.


> IMO, by far the most important aspect of ETHO is the
> human interface, but this is not discussed by techies because
> it's fuzzy/psychology.
> The way that ETHO has got all the stuff 'just below the surface'
> and easily accessible like 'on the single/same screen, being able
>  to show that/how *.Obj has been overwritten...'

>From the very little exposure that I've had with NO (the installation
process) I would have to agree!


> Yes, always use Wirth's 'successive refinement':
>  start from a know good state and proceed in small increments
> from there.   Can you boot from fd0? Perhaps your new PC has
> no fd0?

I think that I had hosed the CD burning process! So I switched to the
floppy install method. The install disk boots just fine.


> Best not yet write into your last partition/s, so that you can split it into
> multiple N-O partitions to sort your various N-O topics.

I followed Sven's advise, and created a small FAT partition. I can
use this partition to implement an NO directory structure, and simply
"mount" the partition to access it.

BTW, did you make it to _any_ of the FIFA games? ;) I see from your
TLD that you might have been "real close" to the action!

Thanks for your suggestions and recommendations!

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