Re (2): [Oberon] Still can't boot

Chris Burrows chris at
Mon Aug 9 01:07:25 MEST 2010

>BTW, There's no System.Grow for the System.Log viewer. So the 
>only recourse for _that_ viewer is the top-left corner? When I 
>was using the install diskette, I entered System.Grow ~ in the 
>System.Log viewer. Afterwards, I didn't know how to reverse 
>the growth ;)

One way to grow the System.Log is to 'mark' the viewer (press F1 when the
cursor is in that viewer) and enter the command:

System.Grow * 

The system actually creates a new viewer that overlays the previous one.
(You'll see that if you move the viewer via the top-left corner control). So
to 'shrink' it, mark it and then close the expanded viewer:

System.Close *


Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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