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Mon Aug 9 01:29:17 MEST 2010

From:	Duke Normandin <dukeofperl at>
Subject:	Re: Re (2): [Oberon] Still can't boot
> There's no System.Grow for the System.Log viewer.

Moving any viewers below the System.Log downwards, 
or moving them to the left track or closing them 
will expose a larger height of the System.Log.  

If you just want to read a few long lines in the 
System.Log you can set the insertion caret and 
insert line breaks with <Enter>.

You've probably noticed the idea of keeping the 
system in the partition named SYS and keeping your 
data in another partition called Home or HOME or 
something else you prefer.  On my systems it is MY.
So my files have fully qualified names such as 
MY:blah.jpg and MY:temp and the system tool is 
MY:Peter.Tool.  Quaintly silly but it works. 

There are some notes about ETHNO usage on the  
Webserver, carnot, which I've been working to 
install NetBSD on.  With a little luck it will 
be running again by Xmas.  =8~))

Regards,        ... Peter E.

Sparcstation 2, sun4c, netboots *.SUN4C; SCSI disks not yet detected.
Personal site works; .

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