[Oberon] Re (2): Viewer manipulation & etc.

peasthope at shaw.ca peasthope at shaw.ca
Mon Aug 9 04:34:03 MEST 2010


> Do things work the same way in NO?

ETHNO has a one-level or "flat" filesystem.   
Designed that way deliberately!  It is discussed 
in the orginal articles about the system. 
Some should be in www.oberon.ethz.ch. 

Hierarchical filesystems were invented in 1950s 
or so when memories were too small to hold intended 
data structures.  If you must have a hierarchical 
filesystem, then DOS or Linux or Windows Oberon 
are options.

Just so you know: so many newcomers complain about 
the ETHNO filesystem, before understanding, that it 
has become a sore point. 
> Webserver ...?

Not too interesting but I can mention when it 
is working again.

              ... Peter E.

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