[Oberon] Re: ETHO & OP2?

Duke Normandin dukeofperl at ml1.net
Mon Aug 9 15:07:20 MEST 2010

On Mon, 9 Aug 2010, Chris Glur wrote:

> > > The last year/s I've used mostly
> > > ETH Oberon (2.4.3) for linux x86, [leo] because:
> >
> > Are you referring to the version found here:
> >
> > ftp://ftp.inf.ethz.ch/pub/ETHOberon/Unix/x86.Linux/
> >
> > BTW, what do you mean by "leo"? or do you mean "lno"?
> As above leo= ETH Oberon (2.4.3) for linux x86
> I used lno, but when it updated it needed a frame buffer
> which I couldn't get on that PC.

OK! I DLed last night.


> > > Best not yet write into your last partition/s, so that you can
> > > split it into multiple N-O partitions to sort your various N-O topics.
> >
> > I followed Sven's advise, and created a small FAT partition. I can
> > use this partition to implement an NO directory structure, and simply
> > "mount" the partition to access it.
> >
> I don't know about the new disks, but with the old IDEs, I'd make
> 2 FATs, the 1st starts below cylinder 1024.
> Accessing FAT from N-O is clunky. I only used it for emergencies.

Now, _that_ sucks!

> Once N-O is running, 'your operation' is so fast that you start
> accumulating, files and the real problem becomes how to classify
> them. That's why the multi-partition classification becomes important.
> OTOH having too so many partitions like me has dangers:
>  once I had a 'break in the chain of links of partritions' at #26,
> so all those following became detatched/inaccessible.
> And I don't want to repeat the low-level fix-it process ever again.

Been there! Done that! That's why I don't want to get into maintaining
and worrying about _that_ many partitions. IMHO, I'm living
dangerously as it is, in having 4 OS booting from the same HDD.

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