[Oberon] Copying files

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Sun Aug 15 18:48:33 MEST 2010


> ... does the command default to SYS:

The default is system wide and initialized at 
startup.  You can see the initial priorities 
in the System.Log.  Look for 
"Path: " <part of 1st priority> <part of 2nd priority> ...
My System.Log reports this.

Path: MY SYS C 

To see the priority at any time just execute FileSystem.Watch .
By default the first part is unnecessary in a file name.  Any 
other part must be explicit.

System.CopyFiles FAT:/whatever new_filename ~

Any filename, including the path, containing 
characters not allowed in an ETHNO file name 
should be enclosed in double quotes.  In your 
example / is a special charater.  Try this.

System.CopyFiles "FAT:/whatever" <NewFilename> ~

The manual discusses file naming.

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