Re (6): [Oberon] OFS aliases not being initialized

Duke Normandin dukeofperl at
Mon Aug 16 02:58:35 MEST 2010

On Sun, 15 Aug 2010, peasthope at wrote:

> Duke,
> > I see what you were driving at!
> This illustrates that writing understandable English
> is no easier than writing understandable programming
> text.


> > Once System.Time eliminates the
> > InitCommands section from being the culprit, then the balance of the
> > file can be debugged by process of elimination
> Exactly.  Some milestones already show in the
> System.Log, such as follows.
> > A missing closing " in one of the Network items.
> Your System.Log now has this line?
> NetSystem started

Not yet! Nothing in there is configured! I first need to back-port the
A2's RTL8139 NIC driver to NO. I'm already on my way with this project
- lining up all my ducks (Modules). I've got them all except one -
Machine.Mod. All I can find is the A2 Machine.Obx. I've got _it_
sitting in my FAT partition, along with the other required modules -
KernelLog.Mod and PlugIns.Mod. However, I can't seem to get:

System.CopyFiles ....

to work - no way; no how! I'm not too worried about the .Mod files,
because I can simply "edit" them and turn around and "store" into
SYS:... It's the Machine.Obx that I need to rename to Machine.Obj and
move over to SYS:, or recompile Machine.Mod if I could find the bloody
thing ;)

> Of course, until you know to look for that, it is no help.

Too true...

> By the way, I just noticed that the result from
> DayTime.SetClock "" ~
> appears to be asynchronous.  So it isn't helping to check
> progress of Oberon.Text.  System.Time should help though.

It did...

> Making Oberon.Text work can require debugging.  Ouch.

Isn't _that_ always the way!

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