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> ... need to back-port the A2's RTL8139 NIC driver to NO.

Check whether the NetNe2000 driver supports that card.
Several cards had NE2000 emulation as a secondary capability.
If you have an ISA card look at NetNe2000.Mod ; 
particularly this.
	(* for ISA cards set the config string: NE2000X0="port,irq"
		- no spaces
		- eg. for port 300, interuupt 10: NE2000X0="300H,10"
Set the values and recompile.  Easily done. 

A few months back I bought a used 3Com 905 
card from PC Galore here in Vancouver for $10.

> I've got _it_ sitting in my FAT partition,...

Why FAT rather AosFS?  I use FAT only when unavoidable; 
such as to read a DOS file.

> I can't seem to get:
> System.CopyFiles ....
> to work - no way; no how!

Oops! We're forgetting the arrow.
System.CopyFiles "FAT:/whatever" => <NewFilename> ~

One command can have multiple copies.
"FAT:/whatever" => <NewFilename0> 
"FAT:/blah1" => <NewFilename1>
"FAT:/blah2" => <NewFilename2>

You really need a copy of Reiser's manual.  Should 
be under $15 if you pick the right vendor.

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