Re (2): Ethernet card support & file copying; was Re (7): [Oberon] OFS aliases not being initialized

peasthope at peasthope at
Mon Aug 16 18:20:31 MEST 2010

> The NIC is built into the MoBo. It's PCI

That doesn't preclude the NetNe2000 as far as I can 
tell.  NetNe2000.Mod suggests it supports some PCI
cards.  Have a look.  Check documentation for the 
RTL8139.  Try the driver.  But 3Com cards are good.
Certainly worth $10!

> In Linux, I mount the FAT partition, and move stuff in
> there that I want to use in Oberon. 

An FTP server on the Linux system and Ethernet to 
ETHNO would be a huge improvement.

> I cannot mount the Oberon
> partition directly from Linux - not that I know of anyway.

Definitely.  Yes, FAT is the least common denominator.

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