[Oberon] Re. (2) How is ETHO with USB?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sat Aug 21 03:45:48 MEST 2010

Sven wrote:
> There are currently four major USB host controllers: UHCI & OHCI for 
> low- and full-speed transfers  (1.5/12 Mbps), EHCI for high-speed 
> transfers (480Mbps) and most recently xHCI (low-, full-, high- and 
> super-speed transfers).
> > I can't remember if N-O has USB?
> Native Oberon supports some specific UHCI host controller only (although 
> the driver would most likely work with all UHCI controllers). If your 
> machine comes with a UHCI host controller and your wireless terminal can 
> live with 12Mbps, this is not a problem, however. 
> PCITools.Scan should reveal what type of host controller you have.
I'll try PCITools.Scan when I get back to the wireless terminal. 
Now I've got to use the old proven wired-internet, from here.

> > But BlueBottle/A2 has; so that means A2 must have the low-level-layer?
> A2 supports UCHI, OCHI and EHCI host controllers so it works on almost 
> any machine.
I tried CD:A2 -> Oberon seriously for the first time and found it a good
experience, but was not able to mount anything.
See my next post with the many trace/logs.

> > Since I've got the native-A2 CD, it would be great if native-A2s USB 
> facility could handle it.
> > Is it realistic to try?
> Do you have some specification/programming guide for the wireless 
> terminal? If yes and the implementation of that specification seems 
> feasible within the time you're willing to spend, it is definitely 
> realistic.
The previous model 
> (some source code of an existing driver can also do the job, of course)

googling found this extra info from the neighbouring country, which
better tells what type of a usb-interface/type it is:-------------
My provider
   telephon/internet change the hardware from Huawei ETS2252 to Huawei
   ETS2252+. The adaptador usb/seria for ETS2252 is a texas instrument
   "ti_usb_3410" and no problem with my linuxbox.
   But with ETS2252+ not function :(
   I'm not find any information on internet :-)
   I try any rules for udev and "usb-modeswitch", but nothing :-(
   Before  I call to huawei Mozambique, I post here my problem for any
   idea.   .....

   And the "lsusb -v"   <---- !?

     Bus 002 Device 003: ID 12d1:1010 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
     Device Descriptor:
     bLength 18
     bDescriptorType 1
     bcdUSB 1.10
     bDeviceClass 0 (Defined at Interface level)
     bDeviceSubClass 0
     bDeviceProtocol 0
     bMaxPacketSize0 16
     idVendor 0x12d1 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
     idProduct 0x1010
     bcdDevice 0.00
     iManufacturer 1 Huawei, Incorporated
     iProduct 2 Huawei Technologies
     iSerial 0
     bNumConfigurations 1
     Configuration Descriptor:
     bLength 9
     bDescriptorType 2
     wTotalLength 32
     bNumInterfaces 1
     bConfigurationValue 1
     iConfiguration 0
     bmAttributes 0xe0
     Self Powered
     Remote Wakeup
     MaxPower 500mA
     Interface Descriptor:
     bLength 9
     bDescriptorType 4
     bInterfaceNumber 0
     bAlternateSetting 0
     bNumEndpoints 2
     bInterfaceClass 8 Mass Storage
     bInterfaceSubClass 6 SCSI
     bInterfaceProtocol 80 Bulk (Zip)
     iInterface 0
     Endpoint Descriptor:
     bLength 7
     bDescriptorType 5
     bEndpointAddress 0x82 EP 2 IN
     bmAttributes 2
     Transfer Type Bulk
     Synch Type None
     Usage Type Data
     wMaxPacketSize 0x0040 1x 64 bytes
     bInterval 0
     Endpoint Descriptor:
     bLength 7
     bDescriptorType 5
     bEndpointAddress 0x05 EP 5 OUT
     bmAttributes 2
     Transfer Type Bulk
     Synch Type None
     Usage Type Data
     wMaxPacketSize 0x0040 1x 64 bytes
     bInterval 0
     Device Status: 0x0000
     (Bus Powered)
___________ END OF EXTRACT _________


== Chris Glur.

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