[Oberon] Re: A2 won't mount: AosFS, NatFS, FatFS

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sun Aug 22 02:10:37 MEST 2010

On Fri, 20 Aug 2010, Chris Glur wrote:

> > But apart from USB matters:
> >  why can't I mount my IDE partitions ?
> >  and is my method of masking CD:Oberon.Text valid.
Duke wrote:
> I just finished dealing with the very same issue. In my case, there
> was an error in my Oberon.Text file occurring _before_ the alias
> section. As such, the alias section was never being read. I moved the
> alias section to immediately after the InitCommands section, and
> solved my "mounting" headaches. Then I proceeded to debug "the rest of
> the story" ;)  HTH

Yes I read understood & was influenced by your previous report.
Running under a CD, means I can't edit the original CD:Oberon.Text;
but I hoped that the newly created RAM:Oberon.Text would
mask the CD:Oberon.Text.
I must find & re-read Peter's suggestion of how to make a 
convenient 'trace' to confirm that the 'new' Oberon.Text, is
being used.  Except that I suspect that the Oberon.Text is only 
read once at boot. That's another example of semi-subconcious


== Chris Glur.

PS. when I was using N-O, I never purposely rebooted
[also because I didn't pay for electricity] because it was extra
work to re-arrange my 'work desktop'.
OTOH,  `oberon` in the appropriate dir starts a new leo,
in 2 seconds, which you can use as a superior editor.
So if I need to cutNpaste between 4 files and be able to see
all 4 together on the same screen, I temporarily use a leo,
whereas oithers might use vim or something. I wonder if
M$-WinXY even has this editing capability.
When I used W98 for the USB-to-ser. wireless terminal,
it hung when I disconnected from inet, so I had to quickly
  fetch http with I.E.
  save page
re-boot W98.

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