[Oberon] Re. (3) How is ETHO with USB?

Jörg Straube joerg.straube at iaeth.ch
Sun Aug 22 16:25:34 MEST 2010

CG wrote:
> Only PCs which have had the special driver installed, will see the
> device's true ID. But only the PCs which don't have the device's
> driver installed, need to know that a standard driver would work.
> I'd be happier if I knew how the algorithms worked at a lower level
> level.

The Huawai modem is able to announce itself as two different
devices: A CD-ROM or a Modem.

Both identifications are done according to USB standards:
Firstly, it announces itself as standard CD-ROM. By
doing so the modem can provide its own drivers without sending
a real CD-ROM to the customer. If you don't need the CD-ROM
anymore, send a standard "eject" command to the "virtual" USB CD-ROM.
When it receives the "eject" command, it re-announces itself
as modem. (Obviously, the driver automates this "eject" mechanism)

As I don't have such a device, I can't try it myself.


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