[Oberon] A few "Oberon.Desk" questions

peasthope at shaw.ca peasthope at shaw.ca
Wed Aug 25 02:39:35 MEST 2010


> Hope everybody is done coughing British Columbia smoke

Not much here.  Most of it must go east.

Q1: At the moment, my NO boots with System.Log and System.Tool. 

A little free advice: create a file named 
Duke.Tool or another name according to preference.
Conventionally the name suffix should be .Tool.
Initially it can be just a copy of System.Tool.

Then edit 
SYS:Oberon.Text ... System = { InitCommands = { ... { System.Open System.Tool } ... 
SYS:Oberon.Text ... System = { InitCommands = { ... { System.Open Duke.Tool } ... 

Reboot and henceforth customize Duke.Tool at will and leave 
System.Tool for reference.

> I need System.Log while in Oberon.Desk.

Haven't used Gadgets for years.  If you don't get an answer 
soon I can look.

Regards,          ... Peter E.

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