[Oberon] Re (3): A few "Oberon.Desk" questions

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Fri Aug 27 19:12:39 MEST 2010

Peter E. wrote:-
> There should be a way to open the Gadgets desktop in the 
> User track while leaving the System track visible.  That 
> would allow you to follow the System.Log.  For now I'm out 
> of ideas.
Apparently he doesn't mean:
  Desktops.OpenDoc  System.Tool
he means:
  Desktops.Open Oberon.Desk
> What about using the compiler from the TUI at least until the 
> GUI is more cooperative?  
And yes, initial compiling should best be done without the 
gadgets system. Just use ET.Open <your Source file> .

Edit and compile some of the well designed examples
in the tutor.

Q. where are the examples in the tutor?
A. search for "xample" on files *.Text
-> System.Directory *.Text  == .....
--> either use Find.Tool or Find.Panel 
  or just open each particular *.Text  and use the Frame's
"Search" from its top menu to find "xample".

==> Chapter5.Text = The Programmer's Guide
MODULE Example1;
MODULE Example2;
MODULE Example7;

These are all good/well-designed examples.

You can't avoid reading most of the Chapter*.Text
files !!

Use successive refinement: start with a simple working
example, and extend it repeatedly, to get to an interesting
[for you] destination.

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