[Oberon] How is ETHO with USB? -> 2252+ is a beast!

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sat Aug 28 11:38:53 MEST 2010

Sven wrote:

> This 2252+ seems to be a beast ;-)

I thought it was designed by <qualicom> and just made in China.
Probably the original ones were, and the later models are 
attempted reverse engineering.

I read the: 
=="    Confidentiality level
                           For internal use only
                              Product version
                               Total 14 pages
           Guide to Configuration of Huawei USB FWT Mac OS Driver
                               Prepared by
                            HopeCao (ID: 37496)
                                 2008-3-18 ..."
This document doesn't identify which model device it refers to ?!

BTW it's quiet tricky to convert M$:Word.doc to ETH:Aos format
on a linux machine.

I took this beast to the laptop-shop to buy a laptop IDE with WinXP 
installed on the one partition [only for the wireless modem uses]; but 
the '2252+ failed to install, after as we've repeatedly seen, IDing 
itself as a CDROM.  So apparently this particular device is defective.

What a can of worms !!

NO wonder everybody just buys a preinstalled box from Wallmart
  -- and follows the rest of the herd, thinking they can live off of 
credit from their house mortgage.


== Chris Glur.

PS. the laptop-shop showed me his <VM*> [I can't remember exact 
names since using N-O for 15 years, where I only need to recognise
and not remember] which was running ubuntu-linux under WinXP.

He tells me that this <VM*> is available to emulate Win?? under linux.
So would I then have a WinXP in some partition, and be able to
run the wireless-modem under linux -> emulated WinXP,
and be able to switch to ETHOlinux ?

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