[Oberon] RE: selecting all text in a viewer

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Tue Aug 31 03:52:05 MEST 2010

Duke Normandin wrote:-
>I want to enlarge the font size of a multi-page document (some 
>documentation). I can do it one visible screen at a time, but 
>is there a way to "select" the entire document and resize the 
>font? TIA...
Before I leave the inet connection for the location where CD-based 
A2 can tackle stuborn wireless modems, let me tell that:

Wirth [& apparetly it's a Swiss attribute] uses a minimal number of
unambigious concepts.  That's how the best science works.

In the context of ETHO what is a "PAGE" ?!

ETHO provides:
* files - which contain the text and possibly the font & colur 
  info of the contained text;
* which you can render on the screen,
* in frames 
* of either 'text'
* or 'Document' [which are active objects] type.

On my leo screen now, I've got a C.Tool from my old
N-O system which has a M.P [M.P is a concept you MUST know]
" CRGtrace.Font2MrkdVwr  Courier8.Scn.Fnt ~ "
reading my chosen 'name' reminds me that this M.P does:
 make the <font specified as the arg> apply the the 'marked'
viewer.   OK, that doesn't prove that it applies to the WHOLE
text. So I'll just mark 'this viewer that I'm writing in now'
and klux the M.P.  And yes!! The whole viewer's font changes;
and I'll now klux back via: CRGtrace.Font2MrkdVwr  Oberon10.Scn.Fnt ~

The point of the above, is that a decade ago, when I started ETHO,
I made a few utilities by modifying the examples in *apter*.Text
This served as a teaching exercise, and gave utilities that I've
used since then.  You should do the same. And important to your
query IIRC the example in *apter*.Text that I used/modified,
explained exactly that/why/ how to change the font of the
whole frame/viewer including the part that you can't see 'now'.


== Chris Glur.

PS. IMO 'computer-suitable'/step-by-step instructions
are not good for explanations to humans.
The reader/learner needs to be helped to build an
appropriate mental model of the 'system' , to make his/her
own 'algorithms', of how to 'get from A to B'.

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