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>I _didn't_ realize that if the text was larger than what could 
>_all_ fit in a "Viewer", that I had to make a copy to "see" 
>the bitter end. I thought that the "copy" was a destination 
>viewer or something. 

"copy" in this context is equivalent to using a "split-screen" editor. Any
changes you make in one window are reflected in the other.

>I did exactly like Chris Burrows 
>recommended - I MR one character at the beginning of the text 
>in the 1st Viewer; I MR a single character at the bitter end 
>in the 2nd (copy) Viewer. &^%$#$-all happened! I kluxed till 
>the bloody cows came home, and then threw the friggin mouse 
>out the window, and went fishing :)

Don't say I didn't warn you - I couldn't get it to work on my Windows PlugIn
Oberon either. Maybe I lost something in the translation. When your Reiser
book finally arrives you might have to return it and ask for your money back

P.S. I hate letting machines get the better of me (and don't enjoy fishing)
so just had another go while writing this. Eureka! I got it to work by
holding down the shift key when I selected the text in the second viewer. It
actually highlighted all of the selected text in both viewers.

>Yep! I missed the boat somewheres - and _that's a fact! BTW, 
>have you ever tried Modula-2? I'm kinda looking at GNU M2. ;)

Most Oberon / Component Pascal developers I encounter once used Modula-2. I
really liked it at the time and there were one or two things I missed when
first making the changeover but I haven't felt any need to go back since.
However, that might change if I decide to do some iPad development as there
is an M2 compiler in development that you are supposed to be able to use
with Cocoa.


Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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