[Oberon] Anybody using the XDS Oberon Compiler?

Alexander Iljin ajsoft at yandex.ru
Mon Sep 20 07:11:43 MEST 2010


DN> Your compiler may or may not support what ETH has recommended you
DN> to support in your compiler, via the Oakwood Guidelines. Here's
DN> what your docs say:

  MY compiler?! : )) You are giving me a little too much credit. I'm a
  mere user, I've never even talked to the XDS developers.

DN> [quote]
DN> Unimplemented Oakwood libraries

DN> The following Oberon-2 Oakwood library modules are not available in
DN> the current release:

DN> Input                   Keyboard and pointer device access
DN> Files                   File input/output, riders
DN> XYPlane                 Elementary pixel plotting
DN> [/quote]

DN> I wasa concerned that XDS Oberon compiler did not support _any_ Oberon
DN> language file I/O. You've shown me different. Thank you!

  Again, the same conceptual error. File I/O is NOT part of the Oberon
  LANGUAGE. It can be provided by libraried, either standard or
  OS-supplied. I bet you can use Linux's file access libraries from

DN> I choose not to support Microsoft products, so I'm test-driving XDS on
DN> Linux Xubuntu. I had a quick look at ../xds/pdf/isolib.pdf. Streams
DN> and channels - is that "standard" Oberon2, is it?

  Nope, that's part of the ISO-standard Modula-2 library.

DN> and Yeah! I realized that In Out was supported. Thanks for the input.

  You are welcome : )

DN> BTW, other than the "samples" directory, is there an XDS tutorial
DN> kicking around? TTYL..

  AFAIK, no. There are .hlp and .pdf files, though.
  If you have problems reading .hlp on Linux, you can find the help
  system online here:
  Or you can download it for offline browsing:


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