[Oberon] Re. MailClient

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Mon Sep 27 00:48:41 MEST 2010

Duke wrote:-

> Is there an address book for use with "Mail" utilities? TIA...
I think not.

Successive refinement solution:-
Does the string "ook" appear in the source-code?
Does the string "ook" appear in System.Directory *ail*.Mod
Use Find.Tool on "ook"  & System.Directory *ail*.Mod

Too bad System.Directory *ail*.Mod is empty for me now.

Any 'strings' appear in the *.Obj files too.
So:  System.Directory *ail*.Obj ==
~  Find.All ^
-> found in: /home/oberon/obj/Mail.Obj
== ChangeLook
-> try also for "ddress"
-> found in: 
== SMTP    AutoCc  no return address set   invalid return a
== address set   invalid return address  ContType    text/plai

BTW, you can do all/most of this without touching 
the keyboard.
> As such, my
> networking experience with ETH products - from A2 to NO has been
> dismal. Oh well...

 No, AFAIK ETHNO is not a product - from a commercial venture.
It's a set of utilities generated by student projects at ETHZ.
So a full-featured-browser would be problematic, because it
keeps growing, as M$ keeps moving the spec, so it is/was not
suitable as a student project.

AFAIK *nix is stong with networking. So leo [linux ETH Oberon] gives 
me the best of linux for networking and ETHO for processing the 
texts: both together.   When ever I get a complex text, I just open 
a leo task for it.  It's nice that just entering 'oberon' in the directory
which has the problematic text, allows multiple leoS to work
on multiple text-files, without interference between them.

== Chris Glur.

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