Re (2): [Oberon] Address Book for Multimail, etc

Duke Normandin dukeofperl at
Mon Sep 27 22:10:41 MEST 2010

On Mon, 27 Sep 2010, peasthope at wrote:

> From:	dukeofperl at
> Date:	Sun, 26 Sep 2010 19:57:05 -0600
> > ... seems you are saying that basically you have to
> > ... manually search some file, then copy and paste some email address.
> Crucially, not a file.  It is a text viewer in the System Track, your
> personalized System.Tool.  It's opened from a file when the system starts
> and stays open until System.Quit or until closed deliberately.  Addresses
> and frequently used commands and anything else you choose to put there
> are always visible by no more than scrolling.  That's the beauty of
> System.Tool.
> Really the original System.Tool should be copied to Duke.Tool and
> System.Tool kept for reference.  Duke.Tool should be opened
> automatically by a command in Oberon.Text.

OK! I get the idea...

> > ... manually search some file, ...
> If you want to search in System.Tool, simply type the search string
> in the System.Log, select it, and MM on Search.  Scrolling, searching
> and 'RX.Grep * "bcc:"' work entirely in memory; hence fast!  Contrast
> with the enormous filesystem tree typical of a contemporary system.
> Contrast with Linux grep which commonly works on a file and with
> /var/log/syslog which is typically hidden from view.


> Which is no more than a few mouse clicks.  If RX.Grep is used, it will
> open a fresh viewer containing the result.  Type "Subject: blah, blah ..."
> on the next line, skip a line, type your message, mark the viewer with
> F1 click Send *.  Done!
> > ... hack some sort of "alias" expansion thing with that tool ...
> That amounts to keeping your favourite RX.Grep commands in Duke.Tool.
> Then find the command and MM on it.  About as fast as you can blink, a
> viewer is opened with the desired addresses.  No simple address book in a
> commercial system can compete.  Linux can do it, like using a team of oxen
> to move a barrow load of gravel.  [Sorry for the humour.]

Oh! The intensity of a true advocate! You sound like me when I get
going about fly-fishing - especially to a group of "pork chop"
flingers, i.e. bait fisherman for you un-initiated. :D
Thanks for the clues.

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