[Oberon] syntax for eaddress implemented in ETHNO

Jörg Straube joerg.straube at iaeth.ch
Fri Oct 8 08:29:44 MEST 2010

>> and indeed the Message-ID is syntactically incorrect.
> And so others don't have to search all through rfc5322 here the relevant rules:

Just from curiosity, I browsed thru the older RFCs which were obsoleted by
this newest one. I was interested whether the dot was allowed in former RFCs.

But neither the original RFC822 (1982)
msg-id      =  "<" addr-spec ">"
addr-spec   =  local-part "@" domain

nor RFC2822 (2001) allowed it.
msg-id      =  [CFWS] "<" id-left "@" id-right ">" [CFWS]


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