[Oberon] Remaining priorities for documentation of ETHNO

Duke Normandin dukeofperl at ml1.net
Wed Nov 17 21:24:04 CET 2010

On Wed, 17 Nov 2010, PETER EASTHOPE wrote:

Hello Peter...

> As time passes people leave the ETH and memories fade.
> Lore and knowledge of ETHNO can gradually be lost. To counteract
> this I want to suggest topics where additional documentation appears
> desirable. These are some of my topics beginning with the highest
> priority.
> Native.Tool
>  Summarizes the entire system and contains commands to build the
>  system. Mostly self explanatory. I haven't found a mention in
>  oberon.ethz.ch. Any helpful comments for someone aiming to
>  build a system?
> Fonts
>  What is a font in ETHNO and how does it work? How is a change
>  of font recorded in a text?
> Libraries
>  What is a library in ETHNO and how does it work?

Nothing to offer at the moment. However I applaud your idea and
efforts in this regard. I would even suggest that NO acquire a new
"home" - maybe a wiki - where all NO aficionados could contribute. I
sense that NO could still have a niche future, depending on a few

As well, although the language Oberon _is_ the Oberon OS, IMO it
should be presented separately in this "wiki", so that if the OS does
not survive, at least this great language may have a chance. My $.02.

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