[Oberon] How to mimic an associative array

Edgar Schwarz edgar at edgarschwarz.de
Thu Dec 2 23:41:44 CET 2010


after following the discussion for a while I went to my bookshelf and 
grabbed "The Oberon Companion".
Beginning with page 231 you find a description of libraries and 
dictionaries in System3.
Looks like an persitent associative array to me :-) At least sort of.
key: ARRAY OF CHAR; value: Object;

Regards, Edgar

Am 02.12.2010 20:18, schrieb Duke Normandin:
> On Thu, 2 Dec 2010, Aubrey.McIntosh at Alumni.UTexas.Net wrote:
>> Oh, I did make one slip up that will probably vex anyone new to Oberon,
>> I should have used "myHashPtr" almost everywhere I typed "myHash"
> OK! made the changes! However, just to be sure:
>     myHashPtr = POINTER to myHash;
> myHash refers to my example:
>     myHash = RECORD
>     ...
> does it not?

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