[Oberon] How to mimic an associative array

erikc firewevr at airmail.net
Sun Dec 5 00:34:43 CET 2010

On 2010-12-04 21:14, Bob Walkden wrote:
> [...]
>> An 'associative array' is just against the nature of Pascal,
>> Modula, Oberon, C, assembler, Forth, Basic, whatever. In fact
>> it is against the nature of programming in general.
> that seems a bit strong really. As far as I can see this 'associative array'
> is just a way of implementing a mathematical relation where the domain
> happens to be a string type. Building it into the language is not the
> Wirthian way for reasons we are all familiar with, but other language
> designers must be allowed to do what they want, surely? We're not obliged to
> use their language.
> Calling it an array implies a certain implementation method. But it could be
> built into a language using a less loaded name and with appropriate
> operators and type-safe features and needn't necessarily be a bad thing. In
> fact, it could be an important part of a relational database language.
> B

How about calling it a "symbol table" (as in compilers)?   Doesn't 
mean that you have to use it in a compiler, though.  Just a thought.  :D


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