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> The question is whether Modula really only imported the code for the 
> specified procedures
> OR imported the whole module (loaded it into memory) but only made 
> available the
> stated procedures.
> Anyone know?

That all depends on the particular Modula-2 implementation - it is not a
requirement of the language. 

The feature is often referred to as 'smart linking'. I believe JPI TopSpeed
Modula-2 (and JPI TopSpeed C) has this feature and can link just the
referenced procedures. 

Stony Brook M2 (which also implies later versions of Logitech M2) has the
capability of producing a library instead of an object file from a single
source file which leads to the same end-result.

I just checked XDS-Modula2. It has a smart linking option but I couldn't
find anything in the help file that explains what that means. If it does
eliminate unreferenced procedures then there is a good chance that
XDS-Oberon does the same. 

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