[Oberon] LNO & Plan 9

easlab-absa easlab at absamail.co.za
Mon Jan 24 17:37:11 CET 2011

Duke wrote:
>  Any of you Oberon OS gurus ever test-drive Plan 9, and therefore be
>  a position to offer a fair comparison?

Please don't see me as one of you twitterers.
This post is mainly to test/confirm if my mailer can still/again do
The first time my ISP introduced MailTransmitAuthentication I modified
my ETHO-mailer.  Since I'm 'tired' now, I won't modify it again.

The following error/deception may be interesting:
I've got 2 smtp.absa* accounts and 2 gmail accounts.

ethz is set to only accept posts from smtp.absa1
When mailing to ethz, I used to always include a Cc to smtp.absa2
as a confirmation; and sometimes also to gmail*

Since I've been receiving the smtp.absa2-directed mail, I
wrongly assumed that the mail was also going to ethz.

Understandably, since the mail to absa2 doesn't have to go outside 
'absa', it doesn't have to pass the MailTransmitAuthentication.
So I wrongly assumed that my ethz mails had been confirmed.
My only brush with Plan 9 was seeking/finding/installing/testing
<I've forgotten the name> which was a linux based copy of N-O:
2 track display like NO,
3 button mousing ...etc.

I got it because I wanted to use the N-O interface style to access
linux.  Now I've found that it's easier to just open & close a LEO
[Linux ETHO] in the relevant linux directory, or use a file common
to linux and LEO to navigate the linux-dirs via LEO.  I typically
have 3 LEOs opein at a time.

Previously I asked here [and got no answer] about:
* what is the latest LNO ?
* does it run in X and/or a frame-buffer ?
* can you mouse-paste between linux & LNO ?
* ...forgotten questions..?

== Chris Glur

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