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This was a little over four years ago.

>From peasthope at cablelan.net  Thu Mar 22 20:30:23 2007
Date: Thu Mar 22 20:30:33 2007
> I'm still trying to make the SMTP/SSH tunnel work.

>From wbh at conducive.org  Thu Mar 22 21:37:53 2007
From: wbh at conducive.org (W B Hacker)
Date: Thu Mar 22 21:38:13 2007
> No public-facing MTA that I am aware of will accept an 'always on' SSL tunnel on 
port 25.

The preceding quotations are just a small sample of the discussion.
The tunnel works well now and is described here.

A few noteworthy points.
* Cantor and Heaviside are old PCs running ETHNO.
* The tunnel is between Dalton and Joule which run Debian Linux.
* Cantor and Heaviside use the tunnel as if it were any ordinary 
  network link.  Neither needs TLS.
* SMTP, POP3 and other protocols work through the tunnel as if it 
  were any network link.  The communications are not legible from 
  outside the tunnel.
* Cantor is about 50 km from the ISP WAN but communicates as if 
  directly attached to the WAN.
Thanks to everyone who responded to my questions.  Certainly would 
have been more difficult without the help.  Comments, suggestions and 
questions pertaining to the Web page are welcome.

Regards,                 ... Peter E.

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