[Oberon] Re. Oberon V4

easlab-absa easlab at absamail.co.za
Sun May 29 15:08:49 CEST 2011

Jack Johnson wrote:
> I was missing Oberon V4 so downloaded the latest Linux version and
> slapped it on top of Tiny Core Linux. I noticed it's the Linz version
> and it's black-on-white. Does anyone recall how to reverse the video?
Mine is: GNU/LINUX OberonTM  V4.0-1.7.02 Linz RLI
I've only seen one system which writes white-on-blank, 
and it looked spooky.  But I suppose it uses less power.
IIRC I patched the Source to Save in *nix format, but I didn't 
bother to change the [button-Label] and the log still shows:
'EditTools.StoreAscii /tmp/ObnTmp  921'

The one small difference that I liked about V4 is that it auto-detects
if the file to be loaded is in Obn or *nix format. So that I can use
MM/MR to load all file types.

> Tiny Core or Micro Core plus one of the Linux Oberon versions might
> make a nice migration for someone looking to maintain the NO feel on
> modern hardware with minimum bloat, especially if you just want
> wireless connectivity on a netbook or something. More info at
> http://www.tinycorelinux.com/ if you're interested.
New stuff like wireless is mostly made in Asia, where they think 
in terms of 'market share', so they cater only for MicroSoft.

OTOH the linux could handle all the networking and allow V4
to be the front end.
I recently noticed in V4: Mailer.Mod -> PROCEDURE Send*; ...
		Texts.WriteString(W, S.s); Texts.WriteString(W, " mailing");
		Texts.Append(Oberon.Log, W.buf);
		cmdStr := "(/usr/lib/sendmail -oi -t < /tmp/Mailer.Send; rm
/tmp/Mailer.Send) &";
		Unix.System (SYSTEM.ADR(cmdStr), LEN(cmdStr));
		(* Unix.System("/usr/lib/sendmail -oi -t < /tmp/Mailer.Send"); *)
		(* Files.Delete("/tmp/Mailer.Send", res) *)
END Send; 
So V4  writes the text to a file and calls *nix `sendmail` to handle it.
Since sendmail does 'everything', it would handle eg. TxAuthorisation
which Oberon lacks. OTOH sendmail is known to be a monster to setup.
So now I have to save this, written in LEO, as *nix and paste it into
a *nix mailer which handles the TxAuthorisation.


==Chris Glur.

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