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> No.  But this might be helpful if you are willing to translate from C.
> http://ficl.sourceforge.net/ficl.html
> erikc

There is another C-one


using only 12 (!) assembler commands afaik.

First i sent the original question to Mr. Sedlacek, he posted it here, 
so here my 5 cents:

The idea behind was not only to write a Forth interpreter in Oberon,
but to use Forth as intermediate assembler. As at the Oberon day some 
suggested for example a P-code interpreter or similar.

Mr Ertl published some years ago (1997) a paper for an Oberon Forth parser:

There are some Forth processors for FPGAs  around.

For the Propeller parallel processor there is a Forth available


and even Chuck Moore the inventor of Forth is no selling a processor
with 144 cores each running a forth interpreter.

Other Forth interpreters are also commercial available for several 
embedded systems. for example


I know that at the ETH a parallel Oberon on FPGA project is running for 
directly generating VHDL from an High Level Oberon Style language.

But maybe a Forth generator as intermediate step will make things less 
complicate. And as resumee of the Oberon Day 2011, i for mee learned, 
that we need the most simply tools with clear and straight forward 
interfaces to solve the "software crisis".

Kind Regards

Markus Greim

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