[Oberon] Re (2): Remaining priorities for documentation of ETHNO

peasthope at shaw.ca peasthope at shaw.ca
Sat Jul 2 00:04:45 CEST 2011

Chris, Bernhard & others,

>From chris at cfbsoftware.com  Wed Nov 17 22:47:09 2010
>See Section 5.4 "The font machinery" and other referenced sections of
> ... 
> http://www-old.oberon.ethz.ch/WirthPubl/ProjectOberon.pdf

Thanks.  For benefit of anyone looking, the domain name has been revised.

>From Bernhard.Treutwein at Verwaltung.Uni-Muenchen.DE  Thu Nov 18 13:43:22 2010
> ... Wiki of the Oberon Community Platform is some space dedicated to ETH Native Oberon
> (see http://www.ocp.inf.ethz.ch/wiki/Documentation/Oberon).
> ...
> The library concept is explained in the Oberon Companion and (of course) in
> the ETHNO version of it in document Chapter5.Text (Sec. 5.10, around 55% of
> Chapter5.Text). It is about persistence of objects. 
> A quick overview is found in the Appendix A "Ten Years After: From Objects to
> Components" in the online version of Wirth & Gutknecht Project Oberon
> (http://www-old.oberon.ethz.ch/WirthPubl/ProjectOberon.pdf) pp. 434ff.

Thanks for that also.  Apparently there is no documentation of Native.Tool 
beyond itself.

At present, Wiki is the best form for documentation.  Therefore my personal 
conclusion is that knowledge gleaned from the pdf and Text documents is best 
added to http://www.ocp.inf.ethz.ch/wiki/Documentation/Oberon.  I've requested 
authorization to edit the Wiki.

Seems my first contribution might be a glossary of terms in the Native.Tool.
Any criticisms or better ideas?

Regards,           ... Peter E.

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