[Oberon] Reliable/predictable LNO installation.

easlab-absa easlab at absamail.co.za
Tue Jul 12 03:28:39 CEST 2011

According to the ftp dir & readme
 the nearly decade old  lno020127.tgz is indeed the latest LNO.

I badly need a reliable LNO, to be able to access my 10 years
accumulation of work on a dozen [one per classification-subject]
N-O partitions, from Linux. Linux/LEO is my work-horse.

When I look at all the logs of how I eventually got LNO running
or partly running, in various PCs with various Linux installations
and configurations, I see that it seems very fragile. Unlike N-O
or LEO.

Interestingly, I recently got the FrameBuffer version running;
but with strange colours, which changed to near-invisible, when I
switched out and back to a different task.

Of course with ETHO, you can just 'wipe' the screen to any other
colour/font, which has a good-sample, viewable any where on the
screen. And since I use multi-colour/font, one of them was viewable.

But life is difficult enough without extra acrobatics to make a
crippled system usable.

On the same PC and  OS-version as the strange-colours FrameBuffer
LNO version, the X version had normal colours, but the keys mapped
wrongly. Eg. asdf mapped to jkkl.

Are there other users who can successfully run LNO on multiple PCs?


== Chris Glur.

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