[Oberon] Raspberry Pi; was Re (2): Oberon Day 2011 Recordings (Jack Johnson)

Jan Verhoeven jan at verhoeven272.nl
Wed Dec 7 01:16:22 CET 2011

On Wednesday 07 December 2011 01:08:53 peasthope at shaw.ca wrote:

> > ... Raspberry Pi is (sensibly) aimed at Linux, it is

Just get yourself an old Pentium I or II board and install Oberon on it. 

Use a MoBo that has mosy everything on board. Add a 4 GB solid state 
disk, floppy drive, old RTL8129 style NIC and that's it. Total costs 
under 100 local credits.

We're too old for re-inventing a Sinclair ZX-81. Modern TV's will NOT 
appreciate the RF output anyways. And, watching a 32 x 48 character 
screen on a 40" TFT is a bit overkill.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Jan Verhoeven

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