[Oberon] Viability of A2 & ARM?

Jan Verhoeven jan at verhoeven272.nl
Fri Jan 27 00:45:57 CET 2012

On Thursday 26 January 2012 23:16:11 Duke Normandin wrote:
> On Thu, 26 Jan 2012 12:02:15 -0800
> "Douglas G. Danforth" <danforth at greenwoodfarm.com> wrote:
> > My gripe with ETHZ is they lack 'marketing' to promote
> > Oberon based system.  Yes, they are a university but then so is
> > Stanford. But look at then number of spin-offs that Stanford has
> > generated (e.g. SUN, Google, ...)
> >
> > I have not looked at A2 for many years so please correct me but
> > doesn't it use the Oberon extension where every object is its own
> > process? (Can't remember the name and I am too lazy to go and look
> > it up)
> >
> > So, yes, I also wonder why (if Oberon simplicity is so good) Oberon
> > based systems have been passed up by large companies.
> >
> > -Doug Danforth
> Ever since I began looking at the Oberon "family" of technologies,
> I've been wondering the same thing.

The difference is in the culture. In Europe, universities perform 
academic research. In most cases, there is only government funding. 
Com[panies supporting educational systems are quite rare.

In the US things are different. Universities want to make money so they 
do not need to rely on government fundings. So they tend to market the 
things they develop, rather than write a book about it and use it for 
future theses of upcoming doctors.

Which 'culture' is better? I dunno. 

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Jan Verhoeven

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