[Oberon] RaspberryPi

Douglas G. Danforth danforth at greenwoodfarm.com
Fri Jan 27 22:31:31 CET 2012

That is unfortunate.  For the price of the Raspberry (or does one say Pi?)
I was hoping to play with it.  Let's keep digging.

On 1/27/2012 12:43 AM, Treutwein Bernhard wrote:
> Hi Doug,
> [...]
>> Interesting.
>> It had also occurred to me that A2 would be nice to have on RaspberryPi
> absolutely. RaspberryPi is apparently approaching its availability ...
> As far as I can see, it won't be very easy to boot A2, it might be
> possible to put a tiny Linux kernel together, which just chainloads
> to A2, but I'm not sure if this is feasible.
> I found just some detailed info about preparing&  booting Linux here:
> http://www.raspberrypiforum.com/viewtopic.php?id=4
> It also appears to me that RaspberryPI contains a bunch of closed
> source stuff, so it might get really difficult. The GPU loads some
> image (based on closed source) and then goes on and loads the Linux
> kernel. Also the whole interface to Jazelle (JVM in silicon) is
> closed source.
> regards
> --
>    Bernhard Treutwein

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