[Oberon] HOW2 access N-O partitions from linux?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Mon Jan 30 09:33:25 CET 2012

Perhaps while I'm writing this I'll gain understanding.
How do the different file-systems: formats & partitions work?
FAT, Linux, N-O and N-O-partition-in-a-N-O-file
or in-FAT or in-Linux, 
and *that* in a Linux <loopFile>.

LNO gives you access to your 10 years of accumulated work
on N-O partitions, at the same time as you can access your
FAT and Linux files via LEO on the same PC. Simultaneously.

An important principle which LNO misses is:
"don't give 'klikA-klikB-klikC style instructions for
systems that can [will] fail. Give a mental-model of
the system, to the user, so that he can work-around
problems which YOU didn't anticipate".
That's why they sent a man into space instead of an
automaton.  I've just realised that the SovietUnion
sent automatons because they thought they could 
out-plan the free-market organic system.

So [now in LEO, I must switch to LNO to fetch the text,
via a linux-file/clipboard] when the new-user sees:
" OFSTools.Unmount SRC
  OFSTools.Mount SRC LinuxFS . ~ "
and is confused by the NEW apparent reason to
<introduce the 'SRC' identifier before using it
with the 'OFSTools' procedure,
he doesn't notice the vital <dot>
[second last character in the second line].

Also, designing functions with default args, so
as to approach natural-language-style is a
DEGENERATION of concise mathematical syntax
towards natural language.
The Wirthian argument for strong-typing is against
default/hidden/potentially-ambigious assumptions.

So, LNO's 2 special capabilities:
 * ability to access linux AND N-O partitions,
 * ability to run in a framebuffer [non X],
comes with several problems -- including keybrd,
mouse, display quirks/incompatibilities.

Can anything else access N-O partitions from linux;
like unix-Aos?

I've got a vague idea that there's an ETH text explaining
the different file formats -- should I search?

Is there a text explaining the "thread-safe multimedia 
and GUI framework for active oberon", other than a
monsterous *.pdf dissertation?


== Chris Glur.

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