[Oberon] Re(2): An update for ETHNO?

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Mon Aug 20 02:00:00 CEST 2012

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To: peasthope at shaw.ca
Cc: easlab at absamail.co.za
Date: 20 Aug 2012
From: Chris Glur <0110246665 at neomail.co.za>
Subject:  Re(2): An update for ETHNO?

NeoMail.Send *    <-- modified TextMail.Mod

> > Linux shouldn't expect to 'see' any difference between accessing
> > FAT or eg. ext2.
> True but Linux is not involved.  This problem occurs when 
> ETHNO is copying all the files in an AosFS to a FatFS.  When 
> there is time I can try other cases to see whether the failure 
> is always at the same file.  Superficially it appears to be 
> a bug in the implementation of FatFS in ETHNO.
OK, I vaguely remember that N-O <--> FAT was slow/clumsy.
Here's a log [showing how LEO works] of some experiments NOW:-
= running LEO, where I received your mail, to <absa1> via 
       oberon at lists.inf.ethz.ch
= swith to a VT & mount 2 FAT partitions suspected to have 
  N-O archives.
= use linux:mc to navigate to <the N-O archive dir>
= mc <single key:F3> displays the contents of a selected 
  N-O file, which shows what you'd see if you did ET.OpenAscii ^
= hit 2 keys to append the path & file in a fixed location/file,
   which LEO can access to know where to look in the linux
= From LEO, the 'append the path & file' line, looks like:
"EditTools.OpenUnix /mnt/fat1/TelCom.N-O/Voice2IP"
= So actually, in linux "EditTools.OpenUnix" is also written,
  because usually it's a linux file which I'd want to access
 from LEO. In this case their's an additional hurdle: that I chose
 a bad/nonN-O filename, for the directory. So I'll have to
 use quotes: "/mnt/fat1/TelCom.N-O/Voice2IP"
= Now ET.Open   "/mnt/fat1/TelCom.N-O/Voice2IP"
   opens an empty frame ?! Surprising ?!
= But Desktops.OpenDoc  "/mnt/fat1/TelCom.N-O/Voice2IP"
  opens the multi-coloured N-O file:------
2. Cisco Systems Understanding Packet Voice Protocols
3. Voice over Internet Protocol - tut
4.  CompactPCI: for Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
5. Asterisk - The Open Source Linux PBX : does voice over IP in three protocols
6. How IP Telephony Works

= and also: System.Directory "/mnt/fat1/TelCom.N-O/" ==
Directory of /mnt/fat1/TelCom.N-O


63 Files	0 Directories

= I wonder WHY the [no gadgets] ET & Edit.Open ^
  can NOT read the FAT file.
= Copy the FAT file to a linux partition & 
   Edit.Open  /FATstETHO
= kluxing : it opens in an <editFrame>.
= Now let LEO try to read a non-ETHO file in FAT 
= System.Directory /mnt/fat1/ ==
Directory of /mnt/fat1

/mnt/fat1/jan25  <-- klux reads ETHO:AOs
/mnt/fat1/Boer.txt  <-- ET.OpenAscii  ^ reads
/mnt/fat1/w98tos40.log <-- ET.OpenAscii  ^ ok
-------- end of log ---------------

> > How would WINDOWS do this?
It's a rhetorical question. I must be democratic and PeeCee, to
allow the Win-users to tell if/that they can do it.

> Can't help with this problem.  I look at Windows systems only 
> rarely when a friend or relative needs help with a simple problem.  
Right NOW, this text frame is in the linux:workspace/LEO
set to receive emails from <absa1>, which seems not to 
be able to send emails lately.

To transfer this file-contents to the LEO:workspace which is
setup [with a different Oberon.Text] to send via neotel,
I'll just use eg. /tmp/absa2neo; and then switch to LEO:neo,
and fetch /tmp/absa2neo and mail it.

So load [empty] /tmp/absa2 
Paste the text into the frame 
Switch to LEO:neo
klux /tmp/absa2neo
and email it.
OK now I'm in LEO:neo

Perhaps if I put a false: <From absa1> then
oberon at lists.inf.ethz.ch
will accept my mail from <neo> ?

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