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From:	J„rg_Straube <joerg.straube at iaeth.ch>
Date:	Sat, 3 Nov 2012 09:28:59 +0100
> ... existing eReaders do not behave like a book although they should!

Thanks for the explanation.  I've never used an eReader but have an 
OLPC XO-1.5 which does a decent job of displaying a public document.  
The XO weighs about 1500 g whereas the various Kindles are 170 to 540 g. 
So the XO, although portable, is a burden compared to a Kindle.
Redeeming aspects of the XO are the number in existence and the 
opernness of hardware and software.  

I also have a Sony Mylo.  It's the size of a large cell phone and 
displays a public document well.  Sony has discontinued support and not 
released enough information for third party installation of another OS.

Salient observations.
* OLPC and Mylo systems each is bigger than ETHNO by a factor of at least 100.
* ETHNO on an old PC laptop, boots in about 22 s; the XO-1.5 in 45 s; 
  the Mylo in a second or two.
* Wireless capability of the XO is excellent; of the Mylo is useable; 
  of ETHNO is non-existent.
* None of these has F-RAM.  Mylo saves the system state automatically.  
  OLPC Gnome prompts to save an open document before shutdown or reboot.
Conclusion: many good ideas and technologies are available but no system 
has succeeded to integrate them to make a computer which competes with a 
paper book in convenience, has the additional capabilities of a computer 
and has open specifications.

Regards,        ... Peter E.

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