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On Sun, Nov 4, 2012 at 1:33 PM, Oleg N. Cher <allot at bk.ru> wrote:

> Michal Wallace wrote:
> There is one more way. Needed to connect Oberon-2 (Component Pascal)
> (front-end) and LLVM (as back-end). So will be targets x86-64, ARM.
I believe that the Component Pascal compiler is descended from the Oberon
compilers, including the SPARC compiler and the MIPS compiler that came
from ETH.  There are academic papers that describe this system, as it

The browser in Component Pascal actually uses the compiler front end, and
then dumps the internal data structures.  This may (or not) be useful to
someone who wants to create a new back end.

I need a little bit more oompf to be able to write a new back end for
Component Pascal, but I thought a nice project would be to update the
Creiler MIPS compiler and the Templ SPARC compiler to work as back ends to
Component Pascal.  I read a lot of the papers and a lot of the code, but I
can't remember enough detail through the week to do this as a hobbiest on
the weekend.  I selected this as a way to understand in detail all the
previous compilers and be poised to do something inovative when I became

I also thought it would be useful to use lcc, and to dump the internal data
structures into a human readable text file, keeping everything compatible
with lcc.  Then, write a new front end that would read that file and build
internal data structures for the Component Pascal compiler.

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