[Oberon] Inron task server vs. VNC.

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 00:24:16 CET 2012

> Years ago, once comfortable working with NO, I put TightVNC in the
> adjacent Debian Linux and made some use of the combination.

Let's state WHY one would want to do this: because Linux offers a much greater
set of utilities, but ETHO has superior text handling tools, so you want to
 have linux's access to the outer-world plus ETHO's ability to handle the
text, both on the same screen.

> Responsiveness was poor and the screen "real estate" in Oberon was a constraint.

OK, but does this new-one give reliable simple [minimum steps] switching and how
can it improve the screen-area-utilisation?

Does it allow one of the ETHO TextFrames to be a Linux-terminal, and allow
copy-paste between that TextFrame and the other ETHO TextFrames?

> Consequently the VNC combination of Oberon and Linux wasn't distinctively
> helpful.

Me too, I stopped using it.

> More recently I happened to find incron in Linux and based a simple
> task server on it.  It's effective and I use it frequently.  In Web page
> developement for example, I edit in Oberon send the document to Debian
> by FTP.  Immediately the rendered page appears.

> Documentation is here.  Desktops.OpenDoc
> ""

I've never used 'a local network' and don't intend to learn.
>From your docos I can't immediately see if incron
can run on the same PC and together with Linux: ETHO-for-linux/LEO?
For me, LEO is far superior: to have linux & ETHO together on one box.
[plus LNO running in non-X:FrameBuffer to access the old N-O files]
VNC just added having a linux terminal *INSIDE*  LEO, in it's own
ETHO Frame.

== Chris Glur.
PS. instead of a LAN, I carried this text to links via the mouse/gpm.

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