[Oberon] Active objects

Felix Friedrich felix.friedrich at inf.ethz.ch
Fri Dec 7 08:59:05 CET 2012

> I tried it!  Everything I touched in it seemed to be broken, or
> half-done half-baked.
> The web browser was painfully slow, etc etc
> It a nice toy, IMHO, that`s it! that`s all!

you should not forget that A2, or AOS as it was called previously, was a 
research OS in the first place. A2, running on Active Oberon, features 
multi-threaded (multi-core / multi-processor) applications.  The kernel 
is as small as can be for a multi-core environment. No heavyweight 
processes, only fast context switches etc.

Things have progressed meanwhile. A2 and Active Oberon (and the newest 
programming model successor in use for software-hardware co-design 
called "Active Cells" ) are in use now in both, education and industry.

You are right about the web-server. It is neither particularly fast, nor 
is it maintained. I never use it.

I will neither try to defend A2 or Active Oberon here, nor will I try to 
persuade anyone to using it. Enough things to do on the forefront and 
too little time for service.


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