[Oberon] Help in using an Oberon systems.

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 21:25:25 CET 2012

> I tried running one Oberon system in Virtual Box,.
> I found from net that, there used to be a book detailing user manual.

This mail-list is for ETHO-system3,
 which has several branches: DosBased, ?Win? LinuxNativeOberon, LEO, N-O
 which all have the same UI.
The documentation comes with the software; at least for the 'base system':
 NativeOberon.  Since I learned the UI, under N-O, I don't [want to] know
 if LEO [my prefered version] has Tutorials..
OK, this is how I'll check:-----
 System.Directory  *.Text == there are ca. 20 files, 4 of which are:

Edit.Open /mnt/hdc6/home/oberon/docu/Mouse.Text ==
The Oberon TUI and GUI can be controlled at best with a 3-button mouse
as originally
 designed. However, many potential Oberon users have systems fitted
with 2-button
 mice and are not ready to acquire another mouse in spite of the low cost..
Therefore, starting from Dec. 8, 2000, Oberon offers the possibility
to operate it
 with a 2-button mouse.

Mouse commands in text

 3-button  Action          Detail                                     2-button
 mouse                                                                mouse
 ML        Point           Set the caret to mark the insertion point  ML
 ML + MM   Copy to         Set the caret and copy an existing         No direct
                           selection to the caret
substitute (1)
 ML + MR   Copy attributes Copy font, color, offset                   ML + MR
 MM        Activate        Activate command in text or in Cmd attri-  ML & ML
                           bute of gadget. Also manipulate gadget.
 MM + MR   Open (2)        Open a document  .......

That's a quick extract out of the documentation.
IMO do NOT use ETHO without a 3 button mouse, since the MASSIVE power of the
UI comes mostly from the mouse chording.
> I am not able to find the root directory or file system.
> How do we run applications?

In general Oberon is a language and NOT an OS.
So how would we know which of several 'systems' you are using ?!!!
 ------------> PS this show the SIZE of some included docos:-
 /mnt/hdc6/home/oberon/docu/Chapter3.Text     03.02.2000 16:38:00    229937
/mnt/hdc6/home/oberon/docu/Chapter6.Text     03.02.2000 16:38:01    65216
/mnt/hdc6/home/oberon/docu/Chapter2.Text     03.02.2000 16:37:59    95503
/mnt/hdc6/home/oberon/docu/Chapter5.Text     03.02.2000 16:38:01    266219
/mnt/hdc6/home/oberon/docu/Chapter0.Text     03.02.2000 16:37:59    1515
/mnt/hdc6/home/oberon/docu/Chapter1.Text     03.02.2000 16:37:59    16062
/mnt/hdc6/home/oberon/docu/Chapter4.Text     03.02.2000 16:38:00    295407

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