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Fri Dec 14 17:41:45 CET 2012

From: Chris Burrows <chris at cfbsoftware.com>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2012 22:27:59 +1030
> The source of the kernel of Standalone Native Oberon is not available but
> the rest is there. The following are extracts from the readme file of ETH
> Native Oberon System 3 Release 2.3.6 (Stand-alone):

Release 2.3.6 was 1999-05-13.  In Alpha, dated 2003-01-05, which is 
running here, these are the first 12 lines of SYS:Native.Tool as plain text.  
Notice Kernel.Mod on the 12th lne.  To see colors and links, open 
SYS:Native.Tool on your system.
ETH Oberon / PC Native Build Tool

Package: [ System | Gadgets | Apps | Documentation | Build | Lab | Eamon | Tutorials | Pr3Fonts | Pr6Fonts ]
Index: [ Generate | Build | Upload | Compiler | Backup | Web | Link kernel ]

-- Generate Release.Tool --
COMPILER "Compiler.Compile \s.Obj" OBJ "Obj" PRIVATEARC "SourceP.zip" PREFIX "~" TOOL "Release.Tool" 
# Basic Oberon System 3.  Editing/Compiling Oberon code and texts.  Fits on installation diskette.
PACKAGE System ARCHIVE "System.zip" SOURCE "Source1.zip"
	Kernel.Mod Disks.Mod OFS.Mod OFSDiskVolumes.Mod OFSN2KFiles.Mod 	# Inner core

And here are the first 9 lines of SYS:Kernel.Mod.
(* ETH Oberon, Copyright 1990-2003 Computer Systems Institute, ETH Zurich, CH-8092 Zurich.
Refer to the license.txt file provided with this distribution. *)

MODULE Kernel;	(** non-portable *)	(* rc/ard/nm/jm/jdv/pjm/rml*)

(** Module Kernel is responsible for memory allocation, garbage collection and other run-time support for the Oberon language, as well as interfacing to the underlying machine.  Using features exported from module Kernel may result in an unportable module, as not all Oberon Kernels are the same. This module is of little importance to most Oberon programmers. *)

The kernel source was not released for 2.3.6 but was released for Alpha?  
In any case, Alpha is the preferred system and absence of the older kernel source 
shouldn't be detrimental.

From: Jan Verhoeven <jan at verhoeven272.nl>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2012 19:47:24 +0100
> The source for Oberon0 is very hard to get ...

In Alpha, creating a fresh Oberon0 diskette with support for CF is a simple exercise, 
thanks to instructions from Josef Sedlacek.  
Click here.  Desktops.OpenDoc ""
And here.  Desktops.OpenDoc ""
And continue with more clicks therein.

Analogous modifications can be developed to add support for other hardware to Oberon0.

Any feedback concerning my notes is always welcome.

Regards,                 ... Peter E.

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