[Oberon] Help in using an Oberon systems.

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Wed Dec 19 22:27:24 CET 2012

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> Chris Burrows wrote:-
> |   Yes indeed! Both of our IDEs -
> |   CPIde (for Gardens Point Component Pascal):
> |     http://www.cfbsoftware.com/cpide
> |   and Astrobe:
> |     http://www.astrobe.com
> |   have the following features:
> |   * Automatically generated indexed list of procedures and imports:
> |   Click on a procedure name to position the editor at that 
> | procedure;
> click on
> |   an import name to open the source code for that import.
> |   * Automatic syntax-colouring as you type.
> |   * Automatic upper-case conversion of keywords as you type (my 
> | pinkies
> are
> |   wasting away!)
> |   I use them both a lot when studying / navigating Oberon .Mod files 
> | -
> you
> |   just need to strip of the two or three lines of header information
> when so
> |   they become normal text files.
> An actual description of the features, like Chris Burrows' above would be.
> good, before we invest effort to learn that it's no good for our 
> requirements.

The features are described in detail with screenshots in the Astrobe Help
file. The download file size of the *entire* system (IDE, Editor, compiler,
linker, builder, help files, source code examples, documentation etc. etc.)
is less than 2Mb and can be installed in less than a minute so it doesn't
take too much effort for anybody to evaluate these features: 


However, I'm guessing from your comments in many of your previous posts here
that the fact that it requires Windows would render it as no good for *your*
requirements ;-)


Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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