[Oberon] A2 on VirtualBox

Srinivas Nayak sinu.nayak2001 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 10:06:40 CET 2012

Dear Aubrey,

Once I tried installing A2CD.iso on my virtualbox.
It was so slow that I had to abandon that idea.

When Windows/Linux boots up so quickly on virtualbox, why not A2?
Any special reason? I didn't find any answer either.

With thanks and best regards,

Yours sincerely,
Srinivas Nayak

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Aubrey.McIntosh at Alumni.UTexas.Net wrote:
> I have installed a version of A2 from an old iso image onto 
> VirtualBox.  The file dates on this image are Feb 19, 2009.
> This image boots in the VirtualBox environment, and installs.  There 
> is an ASSERT that fails in the AM79C970 NIC driver.  When I defeat 
> that ASSERT, the IPv4 network operates.  The IPv6 network installs 
> addresses, and other ipv6 machines on the same local link show the A2 
> machine as a neighbor, so some correct packets are leaving the A2 box, 
> but I don't make any progress beyond that point.  I am able to 
> Ping.Ping the A2 box on itself by 2 different v6 addresses.
> test1f.link.vima.austin.tx.us <http://test1f.link.vima.austin.tx.us> 
>  does respond (local address)
> a2.vima.austin.tx.us <http://a2.vima.austin.tx.us>  does respond 
> (global address)
> localhost.vima.austin.tx.us <http://localhost.vima.austin.tx.us> 
>  fails to respond (::1)
> I thought a current version would be a nice thing to install before I 
> investigated further.  I have downloaded the svn 4281 image from the 
> Google mirror.  This image appears to be starting up, but the 
> resulting screen is totally black.  I have not set up any monitoring 
> on the serial port.
> I wonder if anyone has used the 4281 image in virtualBox.
> I wonder if anyone has anything like a packet sniffer in A2 so that I 
> can look a little deeper into the IPv6 situation.
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