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> Dear All,
>  From Project Oberon Book,
>     A special facility is introduced for designating viewers as
>     operands: the star marker. It is placed at the cursor position when
>     the keyboard's mark key (SETUP) is pressed. The procedure
>     Oberon.MarkedViewer identifies the viewer in whose area the star
>     lies. Commands which take it as their parameter are typically
>     followed by an asterisk in the text. Whether the text contained in a
>     text viewer, or a graph contained in a graphic viewer, or any other
>     part of the marked viewer is taken as the actual parameter depends
>     on how the command procedure is programmed.
> Huh, here I couldn't understand, what is a marked viewer. Which one is
> the equivalent of "keyboard's mark key" in IBM 102 style keyboard? How a
> graph be input to some command? I am not able to understand this paragraph!
> When you type the F1 key, a large marker appears where the mouse cursor
is.  It looks like the * or a snowflake.

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