[Oberon] The Oberon answer to Arduino

Aubrey.McIntosh at Alumni.UTexas.Net Aubrey.McIntosh at Alumni.UTexas.Net
Wed Jan 2 02:35:59 CET 2013

I have found "Open Virtual Platforms. <http://www.ovpworld.org/models>"
 They have emulators for MIPS, ARM, XILINX, and other processors.  I have
not downloaded or examined anything from there.

I also note that there is a MIPS based part, PIC32MX250F128B, that has
USB-OTG in a 28 pin SPDIP package and costs about USD $4.05, according to
their Part Selector <http://www.microchip.com/maps/microcontroller.aspx>.
 It has 2 high speed UARTs, a 10 bit A/D, 32 bit timers.

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