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> You can do a lot in 128Kb with software written in Oberon. I have had a
> (very) experimental version of the Lilith Modula-2 M-Code interpreter
> which can run 16-bit Modula-2 programs produced by the ETH M2M-PC compiler
> on an ARM board. The interpreter executable is only about 28Kb. Admittedly
> it is the bare basics but you could do a lot with an extra 100Kb.
> That's really cool.  I have the 5.25" floppies for the M2M system from
> Provo here at the desk.   I don't know how to read them anymore, or even
> if they are still good.

I bought a 5 1/4" drive some years ago from ebay to read mine and they still
worked. You can download the MRI M2M-PC software and the four-pass Modula-2
compiler sources from my website if you can't read yours:


Alternatively, you can now download the complete Lilith M2M-compiler, linker
and operating system sources (including the CPU microcode!) from Jos
Dreesen's EmuLith (Lilith emulator) site:


P.S. If you also have a copy of Volition Systems Modula-2 system for the
Sage II / IV (AFAIR you had a Sage as well) on your desk I would be really
interested. I've been trying to track down a copy for the last couple of
years. I'm also still looking for the source code of Wirth's single-pass
M-Code Modula-2 compiler. The executable is on one of Emulith's drives but I
haven't been able to track down the source code,



Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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