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Mon Jan 14 08:08:59 CET 2013

Dear All,

eas lab wrote:

    The other feature which I'm trying to copy from wily is the ability to
    <capture>  words/tokens from the CURSOR position --  not the caret.

 From time to time, I see this kind of nice improvement ideas in this 
forum, as well as other good discussions on improving Oberon.

Is it that Oberon is still being evolved?
Is it that you are using it as your desktop environment?
Is it that Oberon is being used in business for making money?

Or is it just for personal enjoyment?

When I used to present in Linux forums, I have seen many questions and 
answer happening around.
There, questions were coming from those, who uses Linux as their own 
desktop, who uses Linux in business, and who used Linux for OS 
development for creating distributions.

Here what is the spirit?

I am very much excited to see all these ideas, but could never know what 
is the purpose of it!
Can anybody please give me an overview of Oberon world as it remains today.

I also see postings about porting Oberon to some hardware.
I also read new projects being developed by Aubrey.
Are those just for personal toy making, or for some bigger mass?

Also I think, may be I am lucky to be part of the latest researches 
happening in ETH, Zurich.

What is that, I am part of?

Hope, if I could get the context, I could also be involved into all of 
these with the same spirit.

With thanks and best regards,

Yours sincerely,
Srinivas Nayak

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eas lab wrote:
>> As the complexity of the project expands the number of textFrames opened
>> increases and it's inevitable that a critical one will be Grown to
>> cover others.  Once that is done, choas will set in, since inconsistent
>> copies of 'papers under the pile' will be created.
> Bob Walkden writes:-
> |are you sure about this? Texts operate on the MVC principle, so if you have
> |multiple views open on the same model then any change to the model should be
> |broadcast to the views which should respond by refreshing themselves from
> |the model.
> Did I totally fail to explain to ANYBODY here? And what about the wily example?
> Actually I've re-realised that the menu-of-already-open-TextFrames solution is
> flawed, if the menu allows the RE-loading of an existing/CHANGED TextFrame.
> This 2-conflicting-centers-of-power problem didn't exist in TP, which lacked
> the massive advantage of having multiple TextFrames open on the same display.
> The menu could still have value [as menus DO] of reminding the user, and
> removing the need to TYPE in [messages to the little man in the box];
> but like wily, the actual re-loading must be controlled by what's already
> in the display heirarchy.
> Years ago, I raised the possibility of a utility to descend the display tree,
> and pop-up the now-needed, but hidden frame -- but got no response.
> The other feature which I'm trying to copy from wily is the ability to
> <capture>  words/tokens from the CURSOR position --  not the caret.
> MidMouse on a M.P does this, and more importantly, AFAIR, earlier versions
> enabled the<Ctrl>  key to be used, in the case of a 2-button mouse; but
> I haven't yet been able to find the existing code.
> The ability to roam the display with the right-hand on the mouse, and
> pick-off different<functions>  from the keyboard, raises interesting
> possiblities. OTOH, wily's extra dimension of a live-cursor [ie. not a caret,
> which needs a LeftMouse confirmation] is potentially dangerous,
> since if the cursor 'wanders' you may shoot where you don't intend to.
> I propose a safety-catch mode.
> So yes, the basic mouse-chording is very powerful, but eg. the existing
> [but I suspect seldom used] EditKeys.* macros means you can take ever
> greater steps, without being restricted to teletype mode. I suspect
> other imaginative extentions are possible to improve work-flow productivety.
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