[Oberon] Oberon.Call

Paul Reed paulreed at paddedcell.com
Tue Jan 29 13:39:27 CET 2013

Hi Chris,

> Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 10:44:46 +0200
> From: eas lab <lab.eas at gmail.com>
> Subject: [Oberon] HOW2 get Token at cursor?

> Getting the tokens at the cursor is exactly what must happen with:
>       Oberon.Call(S.s, Oberon.Par, FALSE, res);
> But the <TextScanner> does NOT read the cursor co-ordinates;

Have a look at TextFrames.Call(), which calls Oberon.Call() after setting
up the parameters to the command.

TextFrames.Call() is called from TextFrames.Edit() when tracking the mouse.

TextFrames.Edit is in turn called from the TextFrames message handler


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