[Oberon] RaspberryPi port?

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Sat Feb 2 11:21:33 CET 2013

Doug Danforth wrote:-
|> Recently someone mentioned they were porting a version of Oberon to
|> the RasberryPi.  I don't remember who and would be interested in finding
|> out the status of that port.

Peter Matthias wrote:-
>Current status is that is does not work. Branching to statically linked
>code sporadically gives SIGSEGFAULTS. I suppose ARM ELF is slightly
>different than X86 ELF and maybe needs something like a PHDR Program

It looks as if LNO is the best guarantee of saving the S3/V4
HumanComputerInterface for use under ARM hardware.

One main reason that I use LEO [ETHO for Linux X86] rather than LNO,
is that:
1. I can roam around the whole directory-tree, and launch a LEO
  anywhere, which will see the files of THAT dir, without a path added;
2. LEO can, directly without extra mounting, read/write any file in the whole
   directory -- also FAT files. So, it does Aos/ETHO, linux, FAT formats.

OTOH this freedom & power can/does lead to chaos.
It's like the constraints of the 2 tracks for locating textFrames in
S3/V4 is better than the freedom/chaos of windows being scattered at random.

A big PLUS for LNO with low-wattage devices like Rpi, is the ability to run
in a FrameBuffer, without the full X11.

Before I had access to LEO, the limitation of N-O's flat-file-system
was quiet managable. I had 15 classifications, each with its own partition.
And each had a line in the <mainTool> like:-
 Configuration.DoText MountTelCom
which mounts the partition of related files;
and 1 clik of MountTelCom opens the Tool and info about that partition of files.

> If someone knows about ARM ELF please let me know. I won't have
>much time this month but will continue in February.

Please describe the problem symptoms and your test results, and I'll try to
research it on comp.sys.arm ..etc. and google.

One good reason to have ARM + S3/V4 + Linux is the ability to ride on top of
all the developments of the linux-community.  Eg. as has been pointed out:
USB is quiet a monster.

== Chris Glur.

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